In this section, you can see what parents of previous students have written about our Preschool Program:

Farewell Lighthouse, I remember sending Desmond off the first day and I was kind of sad that he cried so much. That was part of “letting go”. He has grown so much in the one year of attendance at Lighthouse Preschool. We are delighted now that whenever he comes home he says ‘Mommy, I like school!.” After seeing such results in Desmond, we also enrolled Dylan in the Saturday program. Both kids are improving significantly. We are sad to see Lighthouse go, but we will have to move on. We want to thank all the staff members at Lighthouse go, but we will have to move on. We want to thank all the staff members at Lighthouse who provide high quality educational curriculum for our young children. This school will be missed and will be a sweet memory of ours for years to come.”

Parents of Dylan & Desmond Chin, Jayson Chin & Feng Lin Sun

Happy parents and preschooler

Sincere Thank you to Lighthouse Preschool Teachers,

We are so happy that our child is enjoying preschool. It’s not easy to send your first child to school, but seeing what a ball he is having makes it a breeze. And we know we have you all to thank for that. To Miss Sherlia, who extend all the best she can to help, to Miss Tracey, Miss Alicia, and especially to Miss Sarah, whom our son respect a lot. Every single day our son has learned something new to share, and we are very glad to see our son participating in school programs and he has improved his confidence tremendously. The activites you plan, the room you decorate, the friendships you help foster – it’s all incredible, and it’s helping our child (and us!) believe that school is fun,which is incredibly important. Preschool years have now come to an end! We would like to thank you all for all your hardwork, support and encouragement that you have given our child during his almost 2 years in Lighthouse. He loved every minute of preschool and always came home full of enthusiasm and stories to tell. We can’t thank you enough for making those years so happy. Thank you for being an excellent educator! We know teachers like you are not easy to find. We appreciate your time, your patience, your ability to make a dry subject interesting, and your smile. To all the teachers in Lighthouse, thank you for your guidance, friendship, and even for your disicipline. Thank you for making the best of him.

Augelyn Francisco, & Joey Payumo - Zed’s Proud Parents

Graduating Preschool


Dear Teachers at Lighthouse Preschool, We thank you all for the time, care and knowledge you have bestowed upon our child Madison Chiu. She started out as a shy, timid little girl and has now blossomed into a sociable, well-mannered child any parent would be proud to have. We remembered the first school show we attended more than a Year ago and watched Madison perform at the front row awkwardly shuffling from foot to foot and not singing at all. Now, at the last school show we are proud to see her happily singing and dancing along with her classmates. I was told by Mrs. Shirley she sings the loudest in class now. Madison have attended the school at 2 years old and she is now 3.5 years old. She have learned her ABCs, 123S, shapes, colors, eating by herself, clean up time, bathroom, washing hands and many other great manners such as “bless you” when I sneezed and “thank you” when given something. She have also learned to share, to trade and to play with others. Most importantly, the school have helped built her social, motor and academic skills that will prepare her for the next school level and apply to her daily life.
It is sad to say good bye and thankful to each teacher for all the warmth, memories and learning you have shared with Madison and all students. Especially Ms. Alicia and Ms. Sara who have simply been wonderful. Maddie comes home sometimes telling me she “loves Ms. Alicia more” and other days “love Ms. Sara more.” She loves you all and will sorely miss all her teachers and classmates.
Thank you again Lighthouse Preschool for providing her the core foundation to continue building steps leading to a rewarding and bright future.

Julie and Wing Chiu - Parents of Madison Chiu

Happy parents and preschooler

Lighthouse Preschool – A Beacon of light in the Community. We are very thankful for all the education that Lighthouse has provided to our two daughters since they started at age 2. Our oldest daughter, attended Lighthouse for 10 years, including all the “After School homework tutoring assistance” time. We always sensed that they educated and cared for our daughters as if they their own family members! In fact all kids were treated Like family. And Family that takes care of all the educational details makes a big difference in a child future learning abilities. Lighthouse teachers and assistants really poured their hearts and soul to teach our two daughters (specially, Natally, our youngest one, who was not speaking, and a stubborn learner who resisted to do her homework, but today she has shown tremendous improvements in her speech and vocabulary). Lighthouse stronger discipline and special attention on Natally’s weakness, really motivated her homeworks!
We also want to point out that lighthouse staff gave “the extra mile” in drilling our children good behaviors, manners, and homework’s habits. Which proved to be invaluable habits and skills that made a big difference for Kaylynn later on (oldest daughter), in doing well in PS130 later on, which then, those same habits and skills led to doing well in LAB School today. So we praise and thanks the Lighthouse staff and teachers for providing the Critical education when our daughters needed it the most in their earlier years. So It was all well worthy a sacrificed to have had our daughters attend this Preeschool at all cost. We indebted to Lighthouse! We are very sad to learn that Lighthouse will end its service to the community soon.

Ben and Ana

Happy preschooler

Dear Lighthouse, Thank you for everything you have endured the last 2 years day in and day out. Anderson has grown from the shy, introverted toddler who cried every day to the still shy but confident, expressive, talented, intelligent and powerful preschooler he is now. The journey we walked together, raising our Anderson to be the kind hearted, beautiful soul that he is could not leave us more heartbroken. But we know Light house will continue on to help other kids grow to be the best little growing person they can be just like you did our Anderson. We could not have made a batter choice bringing Ms. Alicia, Ms. Sarah,
Ms. Sherlia, and Ms. Tracey; the ladies of Lighthouse Preschool into our extended family.

The Guerrero-Orantes Family

Happy parents and preschooler

Good-bye, Lighthouse Preschool! Although Kyle was very honoured to be your first group of students of this great institution, sadly Cody is witnessing this great preschool coming to an end.  I would like to sincerely thank Ms. Shirley & Ms. Tracey for creating an environment where students developed their genuine enthusiasm for learning,  In that wonderful environment, their students’ mistakes allowed them to grow along the way. Thank you for your encouragement, kindness, patience and everything you did for Kyle & Cody.  As we close this chapter, we are happy and saddened to see my two wonderful sons to be a part of your glorious history which resonates with our lives. We would like to wish all the teachers and staffs best of luck in their new ventures.

Kyle & Cody

Happy students

Dear Lighthouse Preschool: I would like to express my gratefulness to all teh staff that has been tehre for my daughter, Sophie.  As Sophie first started at Lighthouse, she was a shy little baby.  I remembered that she could only say probably 6 words such as mommy, daddy, and her maternal and paternal grandparents names.  Now she has grown up alot as she talks, sings, plays, and enjoys her days at school.  Very often, she comes back home and constantly tells me how well she did her classwork or whom she played with in school.  She tells me that she loves all her teachers and all her friends.  As a parent, I could not ask for more.  All I can say is THANK YOU LIGHTHOUSE for doing such a marvelous job.

Cyndi M. & Myron L.

Happy preschooler


To Lighthouse Preschool: Throughout these two years at Lighthouse preschool, my son has demonstrated tremendous and ongoing progress and improvement, as well as academic achievement.  He has mastered alot of preschool readiness skills.  Currently he reaches large amounts of English Language vocabularies and he knows many sight words, of which he can use to make various sentences.  Likewise, he is able to read simple picture books, apply some reading skills such as summarization, making inferences, picture-walk and etc. for textual comprehension and complete reading comprehension tasks.  In addition, in the area of math, he can also solve word problems and complete basic addition and subtraction tasks mostly on his own.  I really appreciate the help and support from the teachers and school.

Sandy Chan Mother of Leon Xiao

Happy prsechooler family


My Children Kathryn & Ryan have been cared for at Lighthouse Preschool since they were two and a half years old. They love their teachers and enjoy extra activities such as art & dance. It has been so reassuring to know that, while I’m at work my childen are in a safe environment with wonderful caregivers and teachers who give them love and guidance and who are dedicated to child development and education.

Steve Chan

Happy prsechooler family

Dear Light House Pre-School Aiden who has just turned 3 years old this past May has been going to Light House Pre-School located on 82 Bowery NY,NY 10013 for over 1 year now. As parents we are always worried about Aiden’s development as a child. We have noticed Aiden has opened up more to people around him, and seems to be learning colors, numbers and songs. Aiden often says that he likes going to school and has a good time with the other students and teachers. We as parents thank you Light House Pre-School for helping to teach and nurture Aiden as he gradually matures through his toddler years. Special thanks to Aiden’s teachers (Ms. Sarah & Ms. Alicia); who always have a smile & happy composure, and who day in and out spends time teaching him.

Parents of Aiden, Peter & Giao






Dear Ms. Sarah, Ms. Alicia, Mrs. Tracy, Mrs. Shirley and Lighthouse Preschool Team, You have all been and continue to be an amazing influence to Spencer, Rhys & Tristan. We are extremely thankful that we were able to not only find a school which has the same values as we do, but also one that the boys and us can see as extended family. Its rare to find a school which genuinely cares for their students and provides the personalized attention that is given at Lighthouse Preschool. From the first day the boys set foot into the classroom, we were able to see and hear the difference of the influence you have provided. We know that under your guidance the boys will continue to grow into well rounded young men with the same thirst for knowledge and curiosity throughout not only their academic career but through life. “Good teachers are the reason why ordinary student turn out to do extraordinary things”! As you embark on a new chapter this year, I wish you all even more success!

Elisha & Andy Lee



Thank you Lighthouse Preschool for the great education. When my 2 year old son attended this school, he was shy and could not speak. Now he knows alot, speaks alot, paints pretty, writes well, and has more confidence. I would like to thank the school and Ms. Shirley for sharing their ten years of experience with us, and I am so happy my child was able to grow alot for the better. I am glad to have chosen Lighthouse. This is a wonderful school.

Alfred Wi Family

Happy preschooler


Dear Lighthouse Preschool teachers, The experience of the school has been amazing for Leonardo. He learned a lot while also having fun. he is lucky for being part of such an engaging and diverse school.
Each teacher is amazing by addingan unique touch to the education of Leonardo. I wish all the best for the year to come.
Leonardo will bring Miss Alicia and Miss Sarah in his heart for his entire life.

Leonardo Family



My Personal Statement about Lighthouse Preschool: I am a mother of 2 young daughters who are now ages 4 and 2. Both of them went to Lighthouse Preschool and we’ve had an amazing experience with them. My eldest, Chloe, started there at the age of 2 with limited speech but as time went on we noticed, with the education and care at this school, she began to talk more and become more comfortable being around others. She learned so much at this school and was ahead of her class when she entered public school. Our youngest, Hailey, started earlier this year with issues with eating; however, with time at Lighthouse Preschool she began to eat more and can explain to me things that she has learned in school that day. Both of my daughters have had such an amazing experience and have built a strong foundation that will be valuable to them as the continue on their academic journey. Thank you, Lighthouse Preschool! We are completely devastated that you will be relocating to Brooklyn. You have given so much to this community that you will be missed dearly. Wish you all the best at your new location!

Lisa Chan , (The Deng Family), Chloe and Hailey Deng



Dear Light House Principal and Staffs: I’ve decided to write you this letter to express my sincere and thanking you all for all your hard work, thoughtfulness, creativity and caring, our appreciation for all teachers has been officially acknowledged as a positive school experience to both of my girls Bernice and Leah. Lighthouse has providing a friendly environment for our children where they can learn and grow stronger. I really appreciated all the teachers and staffs for all their efforts to educate our daughters. I am glad and happy Lighthouse is not that type a day care that just let their students play all day besides is very educational. My oldest daughter Bernice who is 9 years old, she was enrolled to Lighthouse as early as 2 years old. She learned to socialize and make friends to corporate with others as they participate in group activities. After she graduated from Lighthouse, she continued to go back to Lighthouse for after school program and Saturday learning program for many years and she gained confidence throughout all the years and solve problem independently. She received first honor from school is all thanks to Ms. Sarah with all her hard work and patience to making learning fun for her because she learned all the math and English skills in advance therefore everything has been a lot easier for her when she attending public school. As my second daughter Leah who is 3 years old and currently attending lighthouse. She learned how to read and write her name. I am very impressive how lighthouse had trained her to behave and with good manners also to do everything by herself because she used be very shy and not talk to people that she first meet. Leah has been improving a lot on her social skill to make new friends in school as well with good manners and participle in class. As a 2 years old girl who doesn’t really talk much to talking a lot and love to go school because she have friends to play with and learning to sing new song, dance and write. It is amazing to see how much they grow over the years. Once again, thank you so much for all teachers in lighthouse for your knowledge and expertise and for taking on the challenge of teaching our children with grace and humor. You all have make a difference.

Ellen and Tak Parents of Bernice and Leah.



Our daughters Cherokee and Dakota are always telling us stories about the new words and songs they learned in class and they never fail to recite them to us every day before bedtime. It is not easy sending your kids (they are twins!!!!) to school for the first time but seeing how they are having a ball at school makes it a breeze.”

Pat and Patty

Lighthouse taught Lok Chuen the value of discipline and teamwork that will serve him well throughout the rest of his life.[/perfectpullquote

Based on popular opinion, I expected great things would happen in Fiona’s two years preschool life – and I have not been disappointed. The impact of your help is so significant. It will help her for the rest of her life. I truly can’t thank you enough and will be forever grateful.

Rebecca & Terry

The experiences that they receive from Lighthouse preschool are outstanding, inspirational, and enjoyable. I would like to express my sincere gratitude and thank you to all the staff of Lighthouse Preschool for their dedication, professionalism, and commitment to all the children attending Lighthouse Preschool.[/perfectpullquote

Robert, Moraima, Anita and Aaron
At Lighthouse we found everything we were looking for in a preschool. We are pleased with the care and safety that school provides. We enjoy seeing how well Anita plays and relates with her peers.[/perfectpullquote

Hoang and Shannon
We’d like to express our deepest gratitude to Lighthouse Preschool and their staff for tireless efforts they provided in nurturing and educating our son Alex to become the wonderful kid he is today. As parents, we witnessed firsthand how our son went from crying everyday to school, to wishing there was school to attend every single day of the week.

Jeanette and Kinston

We still remember the days when Ivan and Jovi first started, they were crying all day for weeks! Now they have learned so much! They both enjoyed their time at Lighthouse a lot! We are all so GRATEFUL to have you all working so hard and being so kind to both of our boys. Thank you SO MUCH!
We will miss you ALL!

Elaine and Richard

Thank you very much for everything that you have done for Heavin! For these past two school years, Heavin learned a great deal at school and has established a good learning habit. This will definitely help him to be successful in the future. As Heavin is moving up to a higher level of learning, you and all staffs at Lighthouse are remembered in our hearts!!”

Heavin & Family

When our daughter Victoria turned 2 in July 2005, we enrolled her in the Beginning Class program in Lighthouse Preschool. She could barely hold a pencil or crayon to draw a straight line. Within the first couple of months, Victoria was managing her own homework and practicing her songs.

We were also impressed with the broad range of activities including music, songs, exercise games, and arts and crafts. We love and enjoy the writings and drawings along with the arts and crafts that Victoria brings home celebrating the holidays and special occasions.

Clearly, the success of the Lighthouse teaching program is formulated with the purpose to develop, discipline, and challenge young minds The methods implemented by the teaching staff will bring about achievements and advancements in the children’s futures.

Our appreciations and praises go to the administrators, Ms. Sherlia and Ms. Tracey, for your guidance, caring, and dedication, as well as to all the staff, teachers, and support staff for their devotion in teaching and caring for our children and providing them with a healthy environment to develop a strong academic and social foundation for their future. 

Don Lee and Family

I would like to take a moment to show appreciation and say more than “thank you” to Lighthouse Preschool’s staff for their excellent ways of educating students from Beginning Class up to 5th Grade Students. I remember when my son Calvin at the age of 3 when he started his first school year. He started without even speaking English well. Lighthouse taught Calvin to become extremely excellent in math, English, and science. It’s not just a preschool, but a place where children can enhance their education to their full potential. I really appreciate that my son had an opportunity to learn at Lighthouse.

Calvin's Family

What a difference a year makes! We enrolled our son Colin in Lighthouse about eleven months ago and he has mad significant strides. The teachers have really helped him grow academically and encouraged him to learn and express himself in a safe nurturing environment. Not only has he learned the necessary educational skills, he also learned the social skills needed to engage with other children.

We want to thank all the teachers, aides, and staff of Lighthouse for the excellent work you have done in educating our son and giving him a fine academic start. We are so grateful to be able to place our child in your safe hands. You have played an instrumental role in shaping him into a fine young little gentleman.

We wish you continued success and may God bless Lighthouse and all the children.

Caitlin and Colin

Christopher had followed his sister’s footsteps and started at Lighthouse when he was 2 and a half years old. Christopher is able to add, subtract, and knows his colors and shapes. By the age of 3 he started to read by learning his phonetics and pronunciation. He amazes us with his ability to pronounce words that are hard even for adults. To be honest about Christopher’s education, there is no doubt that without Lighthouse on our side, he wouldn’t have turned out the way he is now academically.

Moreover, Lighthouse taught him how to be independent, responsible, generous, and cooperative. They also helped him develop self-confidence, self-respect, as well as empathy, and respect for each other. As his parents, we are extremely proud of him.

Words cannot describe our gratitude and love that we have for Lighthouse Preschool. We would like to mainly thank the Principal, Ms. Sherlia, and the Assistant Principal, Ms. Tracey for all their support. thanks for giving a strong foundation to my child Christopher, we will always be grateful with Lighthouse for their excellent job and their love.

Maximo J. Rodriguez and Francy Rodriguez

We knew our decision to place Jared in Lighthouse was a good match for him. Little did we know the impression your school would leave on Jared’s early childhood education.

Jared has grown to be an independent, confident, and enthusiastic person. Your encouragement and passion has fostered a love of learning in our child. You have built a foundation that has prepared him for the rest of his school years to come.

Aside from your strong academic curriculum, your care and patience has taught him to respect his teachers and classmates. We enjoy seeing him interact with his friends from Lighthouse. It’s usually with a big smile, and a whole lot of laughter.

Teaching is a work of HEART. Thank you for being Jared’s guiding light the past 2 years.

The Lee Family Chi, Michele, Jared, and Taylor