Our daycare is open five days a week all year round but if you only wish to send your child here a few days a week that is also available. Tuition will be based on the number of hours and days you wish to send your child to us.

If you wish to know the price of the tuition, you may call us at (212)219-8813.

(late pick up)
3 days/week (12 days/month)
(M,T,W) or (W,TH,F)
16 months - 24 months8AM-5PM

2 -3 years8AM-5PM

3 -4 years8AM-5PM

4 -5 years8AM-5PM

Registration fee is $100, which is non-refundable.

Security deposit is $300, which will be refunded back to you when you tell us 2 months in advance before your child's last month with us.

If your child is in elementary school and does not have school and we are open (like during winter break or spring break), you are welcome to bring your child to our daycare for $75 per day as a walk-in.  You just need to pay the registration fee once and it will last until your child is no longer needed of our service.  We will take them from 8AM to 6PM and will provide lunch to them.